Lee's Catering

We specialize in authentic Jamaican cuisine.

Our Delacasies

Lee's catering specializes in authentic Jamaican cuisine.  We cook for individuals, families and private parties.  For the busy professional who does not have time to cook, let us take that off your plate (pun intended).

If you are having a private party, cookout or a romantic affair, let Lee's Catering do all of the cooking for you.  We will impress you with our tasty meals, leaving you and your guests impressed and satisfied.

All orders must be picked up.  Sorry, we do not deliver.

About Chef Lee

Loretta Brown aka Chef Lee, has been cooking for more than six decades.  Born in Kingston, Jamaica, she learned how to cook at an early age.  Growing up in a household where her mother was always at work, Chef Lee found herself having to cook for her younger brothers.  By the time she was in her twenties, she had already given birth to 8 beautiful babies.  Cooking was definitely on her daily agenda.

Chef Lee migrated to the United States during the 1960's, and as fate would have it, she found herself working in the restaurant business.  She honed her skills enough, to one day opening up her own restaurant.  However, nothing could have prepared her more, than cooking for 7 kids on a daiy basis.

She has cooked for thousands and people have and will travel thousands of miles, just to get a taste of her cooking.

Chef Lee

Meet Chef Lee